JR trained to cut and style hair in Beirut. He then moved to Damascus where he picked up the fine art of wet shaves and facials. He has worked in salons and barber shops in the UK and has now combined all his skills and experience in our establishment in Leeds –  JR’s Gentlemen’s Barbershop – a traditional Barber shop with a Middle Eastern twist and no-nonsense prices.

7 thoughts on “JR

  1. Im from Leeds and lived here my entire life. I have used several different establishments and the precision and care taken for the correct cut by Jr’s is second to none. definite recommendation!!!

  2. I had a haircut at JR’s last Friday (13/11/15). I’d say straight up, JR is a great guy and a great barber. I asked for a shave down of my sides and back, which he did. After using the clippers, he spent a good time after that with scissors to blend it in nicely which I appreciate. Many barbers tend to go lazy on the scissors work after a shave but he did not.

    It was meant to be 10quid, but I told him I’m a student and he promptly charged me 9quid instead. Wonderful. Seeing that the rain had kept customers away that afternoon, I had a good conversation with him before leaving.

    The place is well kept. Clean, and a simple but nice decor. The location is perfect too. Its in the city centre, but tucked away on a more peaceful street. Just the sort of place I’d like my barbers, spas etc. to be at. I’ll certainly be coming here for all future haircuts.

  3. I love thіs post. Ӏ check out your blog quite often, and you
    are always coming up with some good staff.
    I shared thіs post on my Twitter, and my followers liked it!
    Good luck for the future.

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